Warner Pacific "Warner Pac"All clubs at Warner Pacific College are student initiated and student run.

  • Black Student Organization: Promoting justice, equity and support for WPC’s African American students through programming and community involvement
  • Bridge Builders: Dedicated to discussing controversial issues of equity and justice in a safe environment, usually focused on sexuality and spirituality
  • Etcetera: WPC’s Writing and Literature Club
  • Global Art Society: Explores culture and justice through artistic expression, education, and service within the community
  • Knight Times
  • MEChA: Works toward justice and equity for the latino/a community both on and off campus
  • Pacific Islanders Club-Committed to bringing awareness and appreciation for Pacific Islander cultures through programming and community involvement
  • Pre-Health Science Club
  • REJECTS: Committed to issues surrounding eco-justice, stewardship and sustainability
  • Warner Pac: Supporting our athletic teams with exception school spirit, events, and enthusiasm
  • Ultimate Club