Meet the Knights

The WPC Knights are our welcoming ambassadors for prospective students and their families.


Allison Beisley WPC Knight 2013-14 webAllison Beisley

A sophomore, Allison is majoring in Communications with a minor in English.

She advises new WPC students to get connected. Having a good community and group of friends will make a huge impact on your college experience.

WPC Knight Riley Bufford 2014Riley Bufford

A freshman, Riley is majoring in Biology with a minor in Chemistry.

He tells new WPC students to not be afraid of the upperclassmen!

Ariel-Cook-WPC-Knight-2013-14-webAriel Cook

A senior, Ariel is majoring in Music Studies and loves spending sunny days with friends on AF Gray Lawn studying, paying Frisbee, and socializing.

Her advice for new WPC students? Get out and involve yourself in the many activities, clubs, and events.

Sidney-Davie-WPC-Knight-2013-14-webSidney Davie

A junior, Sidney is majoring in Elementary Education with a minor in Drama.

She tells new WPC students to go meet new people and be confident in who you are. You never know when there will be a snowball fight on the lawn and you wouldn’t want to miss out on all the fun.

WPC Knight Kenny Helmes 2014Kenny Helmes

A freshman, Kenny is studying Human Development and Family Studies.

He recommends connecting with upper classmen, explaining that they are a great resource – providing rides, tours of new places, and a great help as you adjust to the new college environment. He also recommends being very involved in Welcome Week and Day of Service.

WPC Knight Matt Haugen 2014Matthew Haugen

A sophomore, Matthew has a double major of Business Administration and Accounting with a Political Sciences minor.He advises all new WPC students to go to class and get involved in all the activities offered at the College. In particular, attend all the games because you never know when the Knights will defeat Eastern Oregon by scoring right at buzzer.

Amanda-Robinson-WPC-Knight-2013-14-webAmanda Robinson

A sophomore, Amanda has a double major of English and Secondary Education.

She also encourages new WPC students to get involved saying you’ll have a more enjoyable college experience if you turn the study engine off every once and a while. Memories are made at Night of Worship, Basketball games, banquets, and the talent show.

Lauren-Waits-WPC-Knight-2013-14-webLauren Waits

A sophomore, Lauren is majoring in Social Work.

She has one word of advise for new WPC students, “Engage.” You will regret not getting involved. Be open, willing, and engaged at Warner Pacific. And do your homework.

Nicole-Bailey-Worthington-WPC-Knight-2013-14-webNicole Worthington

A sophomore, Nicole is majoring in Psychology with a Biology minor.

Her advice for new WPC students? Get a planner. Make an effort to spend time with people outside the classroom. Be open to new things like the Welcome Week water slide on AF Gray Lawn.