Tuition, Fees, and Expenses

Living on campus, off campus, or with parents? Driving or taking the bus? Taking more than 18 credits in a semester? Our Tuition and Fees guide gives you an idea of our actual and estimated expenses. To calculate individual cost of attendance, identify housing status, lab/special fees, and add the total costs for each semester enrolled. Prices below are good through Summer Semester 2017.

College Costs for Traditional Undergrads

Tuition Per Semester
Full-time (12 to 18 credits) $11025
Halftime (6-11 credits per semester), per credit hour $1005
Part-time (1-5 credits per semester), per credit hour $635
Overload (over 18 credits per semester), per credit hour **$635
Audit fee, per credit hour $195
Tutorial/Independent Study fee, additional per credit hour $270
Master of Arts in Biblical & Theological Studies, per credit hour $705
Master of Religion, per credit hour $705
Master of Arts in Teaching, per credit hour $705
** Except some students in the music program. Contact the Music Office for details.
Summer Session 2016*
Traditional Courses, per credit hour $345
Masters Courses, per credit hour $665
*Prices for Summer Session 2017 will be available in February 2017.
Certificate and Other Program Tuition
Concurrent Enrollment, high school student, per credit hour (off campus) $65
Non-Degree Seeking high school student, per credit hour (on campus) $85
Special Audit, per course $195
Prof. Learning Series for Teacher Mentors (ED 679), per credit (off campus) $105
Urban Educational Ministry Partnership Certificate, per credit (off campus) $280
Urban Educational Ministry Partnership Certificate, per credit, audit (off campus)
Student Fees, per semester
(applies to students enrolled at least half-time)
General Fee $240
Associated Students of Warner Pacific College $90
Student Athlete Participation Fee $125
Graduate General Fee (graduate students only) $55
International Student Health Insurance***
Administrative and Special Fees
Application fee (non-refundable, submitted with application for admission) $50
CLEP/DSST Examination Site fee (Examination fee additional) $25
Credit by Examination, examination fee $85
Transcripting Fee for credits obtained by examination, per credit $70
Graduation Fee – Undergraduate (includes cap and gown) $95
Graduation Fee – Graduate (includes cap, gown and hood) $150
Late Registration Fee $75
Parking Fee, per pass, per semester $65
Placement File Mailing Fee, per set $11
Teacher Education Placement File Set-up Fee $25
Transcript Fee, delivered by regular mail $7
Transcript Fee, next-day processing $10
Transcript Fee, Express Mail
Academic Departmental Fees
Applied Music, per credit hour $460
Art Course Fee $25
Lab Science Course Fee $25
BIO 215/315 Malheur Course Fee $280
BIO 216 Course Fee $35
CED 435 Course Retreat Fee $75
CLS 278 Course Fee $280
DR 100/111x Course Fee $25
DR 200/210/220 Course Fee $20
ED 481/691A Fee $300
EDLIT 371 Fee $175
ED 595 Thesis Fee $200
FA/URB 235 Course Fee $75
HHK 202/302 Aquatics Course Fee $45
MUS 399/499 Course Recital Fee $200
PHS 211/212 Lab Fee $40
PSY 340 (if taken for credit) $50
PSY 340 (if auditing or as part of block tuition) $15
PSY 416 Course Fee $50
SRM 101 Course Fee $8
URB 140 Course Activities Fee $100
Pre-Student Teaching Fee $150
Special Examination Fee $35
Student Teaching Fee
Housing Rates, per semester
Smith or Warman Hall (Dorms)
Residence Life Programming Fee, per semester $20
Double occupancy (standard)* $1840
Limited single occupancy (limited)*
Tabor Terrace Apartments, per resident*
(Mary Husted, Pearl Lewis, Warner Monroe)
Four residents $1875
Three residents, shared room $2095
Three residents, single room $2755
Two residents $3085
One resident
Saxon Apartments, per resident**
Four residents $2055
Three residents, shared room $2270
Three residents, single room $3025
Two residents $3465
One resident
Apartment Rates, per apartment
(divide by number of occupants)
Division Street 1 Bedroom Apartment* $3990
Division Street 2 Bedroom Apartment* $4830
5-Plex 1 Bedroom Apartment** $4735
5-Plex 2 Bedroom Apartment** $5960
Duplex Apartment**
House Rates, per house
Adams House* (divide by number of occupants) $7950
Clackamas, Rainier & Willamette House* (divide by number of occupants) $8960
Tabor House* (divide by number of occupants) $9920
Jefferson House** (per resident)
Limited housing for married students is also available. See the Office of Residence Life for details.

*Meal plan required for all locations; see Meal Plan section below for minimal plan required.

Meal Plans
Platinum Meal Plan (required for all Freshman & Sophomore Residents) $2610
Gold Meal Plan (minimum meal plan required for * marked locations) $1370
Silver Meal Plan (minimum meal plan required for ** marked locations) $450

All plans entitle the student to meals beginning with the evening meal the day the residence halls open and ending with the evening meal of the last day of examinations. There is no meal service available during the Thanksgiving, Christmas, or Spring Breaks. No refunds or adjustments are made for the remaining meal plan balance at the end of the academic year.

Prices listed above are subject to change without notice.

*** All International Students are required to enroll in adequate medical insurance including medical evacuation and repatriation coverage. Warner Pacific College will automatically enroll all international students in the Student Secure Select Plan. Information about the health plan (which has coverage for injuries incurred while participating in sports), can be found online at Price is estimated based on 2015-16 monthly costs (plus the application fee) and varies based on the age of the student, if you are over 24 years of age. Refer to the website after June 1, 2016, for the monthly price. In order to waive the insurance requirement, students must provide Warner Pacific College’s Office of Student Financial Services with proof of similar or greater coverage and information on benefits and limits of the plan before August 1 of each year of attendance.

Payment Policies

Student Accounts
Charges to students for all tuition, fees and housing are recorded in an individual account based on the student identification number assigned upon initial enrollment. Grants, scholarships, and loan payments are recorded as credits against those charges as they are received. The balance due, if any, shown on the student’s account statement must be paid in full by August 1 for the fall semester and December 15 for the spring semester prior to moving into student housing, and upon receipt of any subsequent monthly statements. Payments in excess of charges will be refunded to the student unless the student requests the funds be held on the account as pre-payment of future charges. All credit balances must be refunded to the student at the end of each academic year, regardless of student request. The student may apply the money to their student account for the next academic year charges by making a payment on their account.

If a student adds or drops courses, an official change of registration form must be submitted. Fees and charges are adjusted for adding and dropping courses within the allowed add/drop period at the full semester rate(s), with related adjustments in financial aid. Students considering a drop below full-time enrollment status are encouraged to discuss the consequences for such a decision with Student Financial Services personnel.

When registering for classes, students incur charges and are responsible for payments of these charges whether or not they attend. Warner Pacific College, a non-profit institution of higher learning, in establishing any student account, extends credit to students solely for the purpose of financing their education.

Books and Supplies
All traditional undergraduate students are allowed to charge against their student account up to a set amount for books and supplies through the WPC Bookstore through the first week of classes in the current semester. Amounts allowed may vary by semester and are based on the amount budgeted in the student’s cost of attendance. Any amount charged above the actual or anticipated credit on the student’s account is the student’s responsibility and must be paid by the deadline on the next statement. Students may opt-out of charging to their account by paying directly in the WPC Bookstore or purchasing elsewhere.

Payment Plans
Balances remaining after charges minus all financial aid, third party payments, and personal payments require a payment plan. Traditional Student Payment Plans are computed on the academic year ending in April (typically nine months, maximum of 12 months). A pre-authorized plan is available to automatically deduct a monthly payment from a debit or credit card or work study payroll earning. A non-refundable enrollment fee equal to 5% of the amount financed will be charged to the student account and included in the payments upon plan approval.

Third Party Plans
The college participates in programs with third parties such as employers, government agencies, and embassies provided written documentation confirming enrollment in the third party’s reimbursement program is submitted to the Office of Student Financial Services by the semester due date. All fees and charges not covered in the arrangement are the responsibility of the student and are due prior to the first day of classes. Delayed employer reimbursements may result in service charges to the student.

Unpaid Account Status
Full payment, or an approved payment arrangement, is required prior to moving into housing or attending classes. A student is placed on unpaid status if satisfactory payment arrangements are not made by the first day of the semester. Failure to contact the Office of Student Financial Services may result in a voided registration. Unpaid balances, including those created or increased after initial clearance, may be subject to a 1.5% monthly service charge (18% annually).

Outstanding Student Account Balances
Failure to meet arranged payment plan terms may result in plan termination. Delinquent monthly accounts and any deferred payment arrangements incur service charges. Continuous nonpayment may result in an administrative withdrawal from enrollment and may prohibit the student from registering in subsequent semesters and obtaining official and unofficial transcripts until such obligations are satisfied. Prior to the end of enrollment, graduating students with balances greater than $200 must enroll in an approved automatic payment plan to cover the balance remaining in order to participate in graduation ceremonies. Diplomas and transcripts are not released to any student until their student account balance is zero. In addition to withholding transcripts, records, or diplomas until all college expenses are satisfied, Warner Pacific reserves the right to preclude students with past due balances from representing the college in public activities or events. Students experiencing legitimate extenuating circumstances relating to their financial situation are encouraged to meet with Student Financial Services personnel for counseling.

Refund Policy
If a student withdraws from all courses or is dismissed from the College, a pro-rated amount of tuition and fees, except applied music fees and housing related fees, will be refunded based on calendar days attended. After 60 percent of the term has passed, no refund will be granted. Any refund may be reduced by the tuition deposit, room reservation deposit and meals consumed. Additional charges may arise from the terms and conditions of a residential lease.

Special Procedural Provisions
Federal Title IV student aid is disbursed to pay educational expenses while enrolled. When a student withdraws prior to the completion of 60 percent of the semester for which aid was awarded, a pro-rated portion of the aid must be returned to the federal government.

Federal regulations require a written institutional policy for the refund and repayment of federal aid received by students terminating enrollment for any reason during a semester for which payment has been received. Refund calculations to determine the refund percentage are performed using the Department of Education’s Title IV refund procedure as prescribed by the Department of Education.

The institution is responsible for the return of funds to appropriate federal sources based on the refund percentage identified. The student is responsible for repayment to the institution or the federal government for any balance owed created by the withdrawal.