Admission Counselors

Freshman Students

Warner Pacific Admissions Gerardo Cifuentes Warner Pacific Admissions Nick Poindexter

Gerardo Cifuentes

Oregon zip codes 97000-97099
California zip codes 90000-93199
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Nick Poindexter

Oregon zip codes 97200-97299
Washington zip codes 98300-98599
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Dale Seipp Warner Pacific VP for Enrollment and Marketing Mariana Toscano Warner Pacific Admissions

Dale Seipp, Jr.

All International students
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Mariana Toscano

Oregon zip codes 97300-97399
Washington zip codes 98700-99499
California zip codes 93200-96699
Alaska and Idaho
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Julia Toscano Warner Pacific Admissions

Julia Toscano

Oregon zip codes 97100-97199
and 97400-97999
Washington zip codes 98000-98299
and 98600-98699
All other states
(not including Alaska, Arizona,
California, Colorado, Hawaii, or Idaho)
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Transfer Students

Michael Flores Warner Pacific Admissions
Michael Flores
All states
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Re-admitted Students

Warner Pacific admissions Kimberly Love

Kimberly Love

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