Malheur Natural History Resources

Web Resources

eBird- view and share U.S. birding data

Oregon Encyclopedia – information on Oregon people, places, events, and institutions

Multimedia Resources

CD QK182 .I58 2004
Interactive Plant Keys and Color Plates for Oregon.

CD QL683 .W4 P42 1992
Peterson field guides: Western bird songs (audio CD-ROM).

VIDEO F881.2 .O74 1998
Oregon field guide.

Reference Resources (for use in library only)

REF F874 .M16 2003
Oregon geographic names.

REF QK144 .H452 2001
Flora of the Pacific Northwest: an illustrated manual / by C. Leo Hitchcock and Arthur Cronquist ; ill. by Jeanne R. Janish.

REF QL684 .O6 B56 2003
Birds of Oregon: a general reference / David B. Marshall, Matthew G. Hunter, Alan L. Contreras, editors.

REF QL719 .O7 M37 1998
Mammals of the Pacific Northwest: from the coast to the high Cascades.

General Resources

E78 .O6 C74 2005
The sandal & the cave : the Indians of Oregon / Luther S. Cressman.

E78 .O6 F57 2007
The first Oregonians / edited by Laura Berg ; with the Oregon Council for the Humanities.

F852.2 .S648 1976
The national parks of the Northwest.

F874.3 .J48 2002
Oregon / written by Judy Jewell ; photography by Greg Vaughn.

F876 .G85 2002
Roadside history of Oregon / Bill Gulick.

F876.5 .R36 2003
New Era: Reflections on the Human and Natural History of Central Oregon.

F877 .O74 1959
Oregon Historic Landmarks: Eastern Oregon.

F882 .H37 B7 1980
Harney County, Oregon, and its range land / George Francis Brimlow.

GV199.42 .O7 S727 2002
100 hikes/travel guide eastern Oregon / William L. Sullivan.

OSZ F882 .H37 C6 1970
Steens Mountain in Oregon’s high desert country.

QC984 .O6 T37
The climate of Oregon: from rain forest to desert.

QE79 .A46 2001
Northwest exposures: a geologic story of the Northwest / David Alt and Donald W. Hyndman.

QE79 .E35 1962
Scenic geology of the Pacific Northwest. Edited by L. K. Phillips.

QE79 .M78 2001
Fire, faults & floods: a road & trail guide exploring the origins of the Columbia River basin / Marge & Ted Mueller.

QE79 .O77 2002
Geology of the Pacific Northwest / William N. Orr, Elizabeth L. Orr.

QE79 .W48 2002
Restless Northwest: a geological story / Hill Williams.

QE155 .A47 2001
Roadside geology of Oregon / David D. Alt, Donald W. Hyndman.

QE155 .B57 2003
In Search of Ancient Oregon / Ellen Bishop.

QE155 .O77 1999
Geology of Oregon / Elizabeth L Orr; William N Orr; Ewart Merlin Baldwin.

QE176 .C37 T33 1999
Geology of the North Cascades: a mountain mosaic / Rowland Tabor and Ralph Haugerud ; drawings by Anne Crowder.

QE367.2 .P68 1991
Peterson first guide to rocks and minerals.

QE524 .H18 1980
Fire & ice: the Cascade volcanoes / Stephen L. Harris.

QE524 .H18 2001
Fire mountains of the west: the Cascade and Mono Lake volcanoes / Stephen L. Harris.

QE535.2 .U6 H37 1998
Agents of chaos: earthquakes, volcanoes, and other natural disasters / Stephen L. Harris.

QE747 .O7 O77 1999
Oregon fossils / Elizabeth L. Orr, William N. Orr.

QH76.5 .O7 K47 2004
Oregon Wild: Endangered Forest Wilderness.

QH104.5 .G68 G74 2004
Great Basin Riparian Areas: Ecology, Management and Restoration / edited by Jeanne C. Chambers and Jerry R. Miller.

QH105 .O7 E86 2002
Exploring the Tualatin River Basin: a nature and recreation guide / by the Tualatin Riverkeepers ; edited by Susan Peter, Shirley Ewart, Barbara Schaffner.

QK133 .D47 2001
Wild berries of the West / Betty B. Derig and Margaret C. Fuller ; illustrated by Mimi Osborne.

QK141 .T39 2003
Sagebrush Country: a wildflower sanctuary / Ronald J. Taylor.

QK143 .F43 2006
Pacific Northwest Wildflowers / Damian Fagan.

QK143 .H655 2002
Coastal wildflowers of the Pacific Northwest: wildflowers and flowering shrubs from British Columbia to northern California / Elizabeth L. Horn.

QK144 .F38 1999
Wildflowers of the inland Northwest: Idaho, Montana, Washington, Oregon, British Columbia & Alberta / Ralph and Peggy Faust.

QK144 .G5 2001
Handbook of Northwestern plants / Helen M. Gilkey, La Rea J. Dennis.

QK144 .T35 1995
Mountain plants of the Pacific Northwest: a field guide to Washington, western British Columbia, and southeastern Alaska / Ronald J. Taylor and George W. Douglas ; illustrations by Gail F. Harcombe, Patty Clause, Linda Vorobik and Alice Anderson.

QK182 .J46 2005
Trees to Know in Oregon.

QK182 .M35 2000
Flora of Steens Mountain / Donald Mansfield.

QL84.22.O7 B87 2008
Malheur’s legacy : celebrating a century of conservation, 1908-2008 : Malheur National Wildlife Refuge, Southeast Oregon / by Carla D. Burnside.

QL653 .N95 C67 1996
Amphibians of Oregon, Washington, and British Columbia.

QL653 .W2 R468 2000
Reptiles of Washington and Oregon.

QL684 .O6 L57 1990
Birds of Malheur National Wildlife Refuge, Oregon / Carroll D. Littlefield ; illustrations by Susan Lindstedt.

QL715 .K38 2002
Mammals of North America / Roland W. Kays and Don E. Wilson.

QL719 .O7 M37 1998
Mammals of the Pacific Northwest: from the coast to the high Cascades.

SB605 .N7 C73 2004
Garden insects of North America / Whitney Cranshaw.

SB612 .W47 T39 2001
Northwest weeds: the ugly and beautiful villains of fields, gardens, and roadsides / Ronald J. Taylor.