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Biographical Dictionary of Christian Missions REF BV3700.B56 1998
Concise Dictionary of Christian World Mission REF BV2040.N44 1971
Encyclopedia of World Cultures REF GN307.E53 v.1-10
Ethnic Groups Worldwide REF GN325.L46 1998
Geographic Dictionary REF G103.5.W42 1997
Mission Handbook REF BV2050.D55
Worldmark Encyclopedia of the Nations REF G63.W67 v.1-6



  • Alaskan Native Ministry
  • a href=”"”” target=”“_blank””>Faces on Culture Series
  • a href=”"”” target=”“_blank””>Full Circle with Michael Palin
  • In the Shadow of the Mountain of God
  • The Millenium Series
  • The Mission

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