Health & Human Kinetics

HHK-majorWarner Pacific’s major in Health and Human Kinetics offers authorizations in Teacher Licensure for Early Childhood/ Elementary or Elementary/Middle or Middle/High Physical Education; Exercise Science, a pre-grad course of study geared toward careers in physical therapy, sports medicine, research and college teaching; and Health/Fitness Management, for those students interested in business training in the fitness field.

NOTE: This major is discontinued as of Fall 2016; this page is for informational purposes for current students enrolled in the HHK major only.


Part 1: General Education Core
(See Core Studies Requirements)

Part 2: Heath and Human Kinetics Major

33 Credits: 15 credits in residence, 20 credits upper division. Required:

BIO 221 Anatomy and Physiology I 4
BIO 222 Anatomy and Physiology II 4
HHK 230 Introduction to HHK 3
HHK 310 Motor Learning 3
HHK 325 Kinesiology 3
HHK 350 Care and Prevention of Athletic Injuries 3
HHK 360 Organization and Administration of P.E. 3
HHK 460 Tests, Measurements, and Evaluation in Human Kinetics 3
HHK 470 Adapted Physical Education 3
HHK 475 Exercise Physiology 4

Requirements for Optional Emphases in the Major:

Checklists for emphases are available from the appropriate subject matter advisor.

Exercise Science Emphasis

Required HHK Core plus 23 credits: 15 credits in residence. Required:

PHS 211 General Chemistry 4
PHS 212 General Chemistry 4
PHS 221 General Physics 4
BIO 420 Mammalian Physiology 4
HHK 240 Nutrition 3
HHK 494 Internship 4
Health Fitness Management Emphasis

HHK Core plus 27 credits: 15 credits in residence

BUS 211 Financial Accounting 3
BUS 212 Managerial Accounting 3
BUS 242 Marketing 3
BUS 310 Management Theory and Practice 3
BUS 303 Business and Employment Law 3
BUS 364 Corporate Finance 3
HHK 240 Nutrition 3
HHK 494 Internship 4

And select two credits from the following:

PE 101 Weight Training and Conditioning 1
PE 112 Jogging/Fitness Walking 1
HHK 309 Professional Activities (Wellness) 2


  • Graduates will demonstrate awareness of the basic concepts, theories, models and vocabulary necessary to understand the field of study.
  • Graduates will recognize major issues, trends and historical developments within the field of Health and Human Kinetics.
  • Graduates will integrate science and social science in the understanding and application of human movement.
  • Graduates will critically evaluate research and data in the fields of Health and Human Kinetics.
  • Graduates will identify and explore the moral and ethical challenges within their discipline.
  • Graduates will refine and develop skills necessary for professional service in Health and Human Kinetics.
  • Graduates will develop an awareness of the value of membership and participation in professional organizations (certification).

(Updated June 2016)