FYLC: Image and Word

In Design and Print Culture in Portland

Warner Pacific FYLCFaculty members: Windy-Ayers Wray & Dr. Pam Plimpton

Linked Courses:
Fall—EN 101-LC7, College Composition
(EN 104x-LC7)
Spring—EN 200-LC7, Advanced Composition

How can you fit into the world of “print culture” — magazines, blogs, graphic novels, and cartoons– in Portland?

In this First-Year Learning Community, students will…

  • Explore how images and words play out in Portland’s media culture by actively engaging in service opportunities
  • Get training in Adobe Creative Suite InDesign program and design your own image and word pieces to promote a project you are involved in
  • Make contact with Portland professionals working in marketing, promotions, editing, writing, and publishing
  • Apply the principles of good design, well-edited writing, and well-considered images to the ideas you put forth in the texts you

Peer Mentors

Warner Pacific FYLC peer mentors

Ashleigh and Taylor

“I look forward to being a peer mentor because it gives me an opportunity to create an atmosphere where freshman feel welcomed to and comfortable on this campus.”—Ashleigh

“I’m excited to be a peer mentor because having a mentor during my first year of college was something I wish I had. Someone I could go to if I had questions or simply needed someone to listen.”—Taylor

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