FYLC: Faith, Justice, and Portland

Advocating for Social Change

FYLC 2013 Stephanie and ArthurFaculty members: Dr. Arthur Kelly & Stephanie Mathis

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Fall—EN 101, College Composition
Spring—MC 220, Spiritual Formation

How can I practically be a responsible, Christian citizen engaged in doing justice, loving mercy, and walking humbly with God?

In this First-Year Learning Community, students will…

  • Learn the skills to socially analyze any justice issue wherever you may live, gain resources for theological reflection, and be empowered to discover and use your voice for social justice.
  • Specifically look at local social justice issues of prison reform, human trafficking, and immigration and current legislation and gain tools for tangible social change.
  • Visit politicians, policy-makers, prison, the State Capitol, and local social advocates.
  • Have conversations with immigrants and refugees, those on the ground level working with human trafficking and survivors, and listening to stories of those in the prison system.
  • Explore your story and use your unique voice to advocate with those behind bars and borders.
  • Learn how to educate and advocate about social issues.
  • Gaining a biblical foundation for the meta-narrative of justice.
  • Encounter groups of people in Portland whose lives have experienced marginalization because of reasons such as class, age, disability, abuse, education, health, gender, and race.
Meet your 2014-15 Peer Mentors



Alejandra Garcia, majoring in Pre-Med, Biology with a Human Emphasis:  “I’m looking forward to becoming friends with my mentees and making a difference in our community.”

Benjamin Irwin, majoring in History/Social Studies, Human Development:  “I’m excited to do this because I love meeting people at the most exciting, messy, difficult, beautiful crossroads of their whole lives.”

“I am loving the opportunity to learn about and talk to unique people.” 2014-15 Peer Mentor

2013-14 FYLC made a difference by speaking out about human trafficking

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