FYLC: College Crossroads

Embracing a Holistic College Experience

Faculty members:  Tori Cumings & Logan Walton

How can the Warner Pacific College experience help you better understand your purpose and passion?

  • Discover how shared experiences help you build a greater sense of self
  • Learn how to intentionally utilize your strengths in your work and relationships
  • Engage the curricular and co-curricular resources available at Warner Pacific College
  • Explore personal and cultural perceptions of college and how those impact/inform your understanding
  • Celebrate the uniquenesses and the commonalities shared by members of the Warner Pacific community

This First Year Learning Community course is designed to provide students with the academic and social skills required to become an engaged, contributing member of the Warner Pacific community and its environment.

Working from a specific understanding of motivation, the purpose of a liberal arts education, academic self-efficacy, sense of belonging and strength, students are encouraged to claim their education individually and mutually.

Through readings, discussions, critical and reflective writing, mentor interactions, and co-curricular engagement with others in the city, students will grow to better understand and articulate their own perspectives on learning, development, and community as well as the Christ-centered, urban, and diverse hallmarks of the Warner Pacific experience.