FYLC: Bicycles, Equity, and Gentrification

Urban Mobility in PDX

WPC FYLC Instructors Sean Benesh and Leslie GouldFaculty members: Dr. Sean Benesh & Leslie Gould

Linked Courses:
Fall – EN 101-LC2
(EN 104x-LC2)
Spring – EN 200-LC2

How can bicycles break down racial and social barriers in Portland? How do we get more non-hipsters onto bikes?

In this First-Year Learning Community, students will…

  • Learn how bikes are not only symbols of racial and class division, but are also the key to affordable transportation.
  • Jump into projects to make biking more accessible and fun for communities of color.
  • Gain confidence in biking in Portland yourself!

Meet this FYLC’s leaders:

WPC FYLC Urban Mobility leadersDr. Sean Benesh: Working in the FYLC program provides a great opportunity to connect with students outside of the classroom as well as share with them a topic that is relevant to life in Portland.

Prof. Leslie Gould: Teaching in an FYLC has taught me to look at my city, my community, my students, and myself through a new lens. What are the needs around us? What can I do about inequity? How can my students and I be critical thinkers who incorporate Christ’s teachings in an ever-changing world? I’m excited to experience this with a new group of students!

June: I am looking forward to being a Peer Mentor because it’s a great way to give back to the community, while also getting to know and experience life with the incoming freshmen.

Victor: I’m looking forward to becoming a Peer Mentor because I know firsthand that freshman year can be a little overwhelming, and there’s no better feeling than knowing someone with experience and accountability is there for you whenever you need help. I definitely want to be that person that the incoming class can rely on.