FYLC: All About the Benjamins

Financial Literacy and Resources

Warner Pacific FYLCFaculty members: Nathan Dunbar & Bart Valentine

Linked Courses:
Fall—Math 104, Math Concepts & Applications
Spring—EC 203, Economics

What resources are available to you as a student in the vibrant city of Portland? How do you use those resources to maximize your potential or to assist others?

In this First-Year Learning Community, students will…

  • Learn how to use the power of financial interest for you, rather than against you
  • Experience partnerships with organizations located in Portland to assist those in poverty
  • Explore how you can make a difference through asset building and service
  • Develop skills necessary in the business workplace such as communication, interviewing and resource management
  • Enhance mathematical concepts in personal finance, logic, algebra, and problem solving
Meet your 2014-15 Peer Mentors

Jensen, a Social Work Major: “I am excited to learn alongside the students about how I can use Portland’s resources to better help and engage not only ourselves, but the community. I look forward to hearing the stories of a diverse group of students and I will do my best to listen, support, and embrace this years incoming Freshman!”

Bailey, an Elementary Education Major: “I’m so excited to be a peer mentor because of the amazing experience I had in FYLC. I can’t wait to make next year another great experience in this new FYLC class!”

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