English Major

English-MajorAn English degree will hone your critical thinking skills essential to a number of career fields, including writing, editing, publishing, teaching and research, advertising, public relations, law, and finance.

The Humanities department provides students with scholarly and practical opportunities for learning about the discrete disciplines of Communications, Drama, English, the Fine Arts, History, and Philosophy.

Students are also offered the opportunity to ground their undergraduate experience in an American Studies major, a History and Social Studies major, or a Liberal Studies major, as well as the Humanities Core curriculum courses.

All Humanities courses seek to enact the general goal of the Humanities department to instill in the student the significance of and the means by which discrete disciplines within the Humanities interact not only with each other, but also with fields of study outside the traditional purview of the Humanities.

Learning is done with a conscious awareness of how the study of the Humanities relates to a Christian worldview.

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