Department of Natural Sciences & Health

Understanding the building blocks of life

science_front12“From the science laboratory to the theater of life outdoors, from the amazing anatomy of the human body to the intricate patterns in mathematics, God’s hand print is on all.” – Bart Valentine, WP Faculty

Natural Sciences and Health degrees at Warner Pacific College are designed to give students a solid foundation and a broad understanding of science, math and health related disciplines. Students explore the dynamics of human physiology, participate in original research and build critical thinking skills. The Department of Natural Sciences and Health offers multiple courses of study, tailored to meet the professional aspirations of each student. Majors are available with a variety of emphases in Biological Sciences and Health and Human Kinetics. Minors are offered in Biology, Chemistry, Health and Physical Education.




Pre-Professional Study Options

We can customize a program of study in our health and science offerings for those interested in pre-medical, as well as dentistry and nursing. More information about options can be found on the Pre-Professional Programs page.

Life After College

Students choosing to major in Biological Sciences lay the foundation for continued study and research in the fields of medicine, dentistry, healthcare, physical therapy and environmental occupations. Those pursuing a Health and Human Kinetics Major successfully find careers in health fitness management, physical education and exercise science. The majority of students studying Natural Sciences and Health will continue their education through graduate programs or pre-professional studies. Recent graduates have pursued advanced degrees at Johns Hopkins University, University of Colorado, Linfield College, University of Buffalo, Northern Arizona University, University of Portland, Midwestern University, Oregon Health & Science University, University of Connecticut, Virginia Commonwealth University, and Carroll College.


Robert Campy, M.S.
Associate Professor of HHK
Phone: 503.517.1066
Elizabeth DuPriest, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Biology
Phone: 503.517.1072
 Joshua Stager
Adjunct Professor of Physics
Ryan Hubbard
Assistant Professor of HHK
Phone: 503.517.1068
Brad Tripp, Ph.D.
Professor of Biology
Phone: 503.517.1070
David Terrell, Ph.D.
Professor of Physical Science
Phone: 503.517.1071
Bart Valentine, M.S.
Assistant Professor of Mathematics
Phone: 503.517.1125