Christian Ministries Major

Course Description

The major Christian Ministries provides a well-balanced preparation for Christian ministry combining emphases on Biblical studies, spiritual formation, historical theology, Christian education, ethics, and pastoral ministries. Graduates will be well-prepared academically, equipped and skilled in the tools of ministry, experienced in various forms of ministry, and well on their way toward looking like Christ and, in fact, being the hands and feet of Christ in this present day in the varying and multiple cultural contexts of our world.

Graduates go on to Christian ministries including service as senior pastors, youth ministers, Christian educators, parachurch workers, seminary students and graduate students in the field of Religion. A graduate program offering Master-level degrees is also available.

Major Outcomes

  • Graduates will exemplify qualities of Christian character (especially sacrificial love, humility, teachability and servanthood).
  • Graduates will have a solid conception of what it means to be called and will be able to articulate where they are in their own journey.
  • Graduates will be able to demonstrate an in-depth understanding of the Bible using scholarly methods.
  • Graduates will be able to understand and interpret major events in the history of the church in order to make historical judgments.
  • Graduates will be able to apply their theology to their approach to ministry and the world.
  • Graduates will demonstrate an understanding of the Wesleyan approach to faith and practice.


Part 1: General Education Core
(See Core Studies Requirements)

Part 2: Christian Ministries Major

51 Credits: 15 credits in residence; 36 credits upper division. Required:

Bible and Theology Courses: 24 Credits

BI 310 Studying the Old Testament 3
BI 315 Teaching the Old Testament 3
BI 320 Studying the New Testament 3
BI 325 Teaching the New Testament 3
HIS/REL 330 Church History 3
REL 370 Holiness, Denominationalism, and Theological Movements 3
TH 430 Christian Theology 3
SOC/TH 470 Christian Social Concern 3

Christian Ministry Courses: 27 Credits

CM 140 Exploring God’s Calling 3
CM 211 Experiencing God’s Calling I 3
CM 212 Experiencing God’s Calling II 3
HD 230 Life Span Human Development 3
MIS 240 Introduction to Cross-Cultural Ministry 3
PM 345 Proclaiming God’s Word 3
CM 370 Focusing on God’s Calling 3
CM 400 Presenting God’s Calling 3
PM/URB 410 Urban Ministry 3